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Youth climbs Maa flyover railing, threatens to commit suicide demanding job

  • Young man, identified as Anwar, climbs onto Maa Flyover railing near Bridge No. 4 at Park Circus
  • Police and fire brigade intervene, engaging in negotiations with Anwar, who claims his actions were motivated by job appointment demands
  • With the assistance of officials, Anwar is safely brought down from the bridge, averting a potential tragedy

11 Feb 2024

Tense moments unfolded near Bridge No. 4 at Park Circus as a young man, later identified as Anwar, climbed onto the railing of Maa Flyover, raising concerns for his safety. Police and fire brigade teams swiftly mobilized to the scene, where Anwar stood perilously on the beam of the bridge with a rope around his neck, engaging in a heated exchange with law enforcement.

According to police sources, Anwar claimed his actions were driven by demands related to job appointments, adding complexity to the unfolding drama. Despite the confrontation, authorities managed to successfully negotiate with Anwar, with the assistance of firemen and Kolkata Police officials, ultimately bringing him down from the bridge and averting a potential tragedy.


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