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Bengal Governor's convoy stopped by protestors on way to Sandeshkhali

  • Governor CV Anand Bose faced a protest on the Basanthi Highway, led by women
  • Protesters blocked the road, bringing the Governor's convoy to a halt, and demanded swift action on outstanding salaries
  • Villagers further staged road blockades, presenting various grievances, including demands for 100 days' work, housing schemes, and increased gas prices

12 Feb 2024
Bengal Governor's convoy stopped by protestors on way to Sandeshkhali

Governor CV Anand Bose, upon returning to Kolkata from Kerala, encountered a demonstration on the Basanthi Highway, while on his way to Sandeshkhali. The protest was led by women demanding payment for 100 days of work, with the demonstrators blocking both sides of the road.

The villagers staged road blockades, citing various demands such as 100 days' work, housing schemes, and concerns about the rise in gas prices, causing Governor CV Anand Bose to stand for an extended period as police authorities worked to control the situation.

Bose cut short his Kerala trip on Sunday for his visit to Sandeskhali. Bengal BJP MLAs also visited the village today, where Section 144 banning large gatherings was imposed. Tension escalated in the region after local women recently held protests demanding the arrest of absconding Trinamool Congress leader Sheikh Shahjahan and his aides.

The women urged the Governor to address the issue of outstanding salaries before proceeding. Local sources report that the protesters reached the front of the Governor's convoy, prompting it to stop. Governor Bose, acknowledging the concerns, stepped out of the car and assured the women that their problem would be addressed promptly.

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