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Tribal violence claims 53 lives in Papua New Guinea, amid security concerns

  • Tribal violence in Papua New Guinea claims 53 lives in ambush attacks
  • All victims were reportedly shot dead, with the incident linked to an ongoing conflict between two tribes
  • The lack of an official police statement adds to concerns, emphasizing the broader security challenges faced by the region

19 Feb 2024

In a grave incident of tribal violence in Papua New Guinea, 53 individuals lost their lives in what has been described as ambush attacks, as reported by Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC). The victims, all reportedly shot dead, became victims of the ongoing conflict between two tribes, raising significant security concerns in the region. As of now, no official statement has been released by the police regarding the tragic incident that unfolded on Sunday.

The violence comes as a continuation of security challenges faced by Papua New Guinea, with a report from local newspaper Post-Courier linking it to fighting between the two tribes. This follows a recent episode of violence in the country last month, where at least 16 people lost their lives in riots. Papua New Guinea witnesses another major tragedy as 53 people succumb to tribal violence, with all victims reported to have been shot dead in ambush attacks, according to ABC. 

The incident, stemming from an enduring conflict between two tribes, occurred on Sunday, further emphasizing the urgent need for addressing security concerns in the region. The lack of any official statement from the police adds to the complexity of the situation, leaving questions unanswered regarding the circumstances surrounding the violence. Local reports, including one from the Post-Courier, have linked the incident to ongoing clashes between tribes. This incident comes on the heels of a similar outbreak of violence in the country last month, where at least 16 lives were lost in riots, highlighting the persistent challenges in maintaining peace and security in Papua New Guinea.


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