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Kamal Nath puts an end to speculations, affirms not joining BJP

  • Kamal Nath dispels rumors, confirms not joining BJP amid political speculation
  • Sajjan Singh Verma asserts Kamal Nath's unwavering allegiance to Congress over four decades
  • Kamal Nath hints at addressing media first in case of any significant developments

19 Feb 2024

Amid speculations and uncertainties, former CM of Madhya Pradesh and Congress leader, Kamal Nath, categorically dismissed rumors of joining the BJP. The clarification comes after Kamal Nath held a meeting with his close associates in Delhi, and Sajjan Singh Verma, another Congress leader, emphasized that Kamal Nath's four decades of association with the Congress make the notion of him joining any other party imaginary. Kamal Nath had earlier hinted at addressing the media in case of any developments, reiterating his commitment to informing the press first.

Putting an end to days of conjecture, Kamal Nath, the nine-time MP from Chhindwara and current MLA, refuted the speculation about his possible shift to the BJP. Dismissing the rumors, Kamal Nath stated in an interview, that he will not be joining the Bharatiya Janata Party.

Prior to this clarification, there were rumors circulating about Kamal Nath and his son, Nukul Nath, leaving the Congress and aligning with the ruling BJP. Kamal Nath, who was removed from the post of state president of the Congress after the party's poor performance in the Madhya Pradesh Assembly elections, assured that any significant decision on his part would be communicated to the media first.

Sajjan Singh Verma, a fellow Congress leader, supported Kamal Nath, asserting that a stalwart with nearly four decades of allegiance to the Congress could not entertain the idea of leaving the party. The political landscape, however, remains dynamic, and Kamal Nath's statement adds a layer of certainty to the ongoing political discourse in Madhya Pradesh.


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