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BJP's Locket Chatterjee compares West Bengal to Pakistan

  • BJP MP Locket Chatterjee likens women's attacks in West Bengal to those in Pakistan, accuses Mamata Banerjee of silence on Sandeshkhali violence
  • Allegations of "30% politics" and minority appeasement raised against Banerjee, citing protection of the main accused
  • BJP announces a 72-hour protest demanding the arrest of Sheikh Shahjahan; Supreme Court stays notices to West Bengal officials

19 Feb 2024

BJP MP Locket Chatterjee has drawn parallels between West Bengal and Pakistan, alleging attacks on women and criticizing CM Mamata Banerjee for maintaining silence on the Sandeshkhali violence. Chatterjee accused Banerjee of practicing "30% politics," suggesting minority appeasement. She specifically mentioned the protection of the main accused, Sheikh Shahjahan, and criticized the police's inability to arrest him, asserting that Banerjee was shielding him due to the upcoming Lok Sabha election.

Locket Chatterjee has stirred controversy by asserting that women in West Bengal are facing attacks similar to those in Pakistan. She criticized CM Mamata Banerjee for her silence on the Sandeshkhali violence, particularly pointing out the absence of any statements regarding the main accused, Sheikh Shahjahan, who remains at large. Chatterjee accused the police and administration of acting in alignment with the TMC and raised concerns about the alleged minority appeasement in Banerjee's "30% politics," hinting at favoritism toward the Muslim population for electoral gains.

'Mamata Banerjee has not given a single statement till now. Sheikh Shahjahan is still absconding. The police are not able to trace him. They (TMC) want 30% votes. We had heard about atrocities on women in Pakistan, the same is happening in West Bengal. We have heard ISIS atrocities against women in countries like Iraq, Iran and Pakistan, Now, it’s happening here," she added.

Chatterjee emphasized the need for the arrest of Sheikh Shahjahan, the key accused in the sexual assault cases in Sandeshkhali, and announced that the BJP would stage a protest lasting a minimum of 72 hours, beginning on February 22, to demand his apprehension. Meanwhile, the Supreme Court intervened, staying the notices sent by the Lok Sabha Secretariat's privileges committee to West Bengal officials, following a complaint by BJP MP Sukanta Majumdar related to last week's clash between BJP members and the police in West Bengal.


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