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S Jaishankar's remarks over India's defence partnerships and relationship with Russia

  • External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar underscores a shift in arms procurement trends, noting India's diversified purchases from the USA, Russia, France, and Israel
  • Jaishankar challenges the perception of the West favoring Pakistan over India in arms supply
  • Amid global scrutiny, Jaishankar emphasizes India's nuanced approach to its relationship with Russia

20 Feb 2024

India's External Affairs Minister, S Jaishankar, addressed India's defence partnerships and its relationship with Russia during the Munich Security Conference in Germany. Jaishankar acknowledged a historical trend where Western countries favored supplying arms to Pakistan over India but noted a significant shift in the past decade. He highlighted India's diversified arms procurement, citing purchases from the USA, Russia, France, and Israel as main suppliers. Jaishankar's remarks underscore India's strategic partnerships and its evolving stance in global defence cooperation.

Furthermore, Jaishankar emphasized the nuanced approach India takes towards its relationship with Russia, urging Europe to understand the differing perspectives. His comments come amid global scrutiny over India's stance on the Russia-Ukraine conflict and its continued trade relations with Moscow despite Western sanctions. Jaishankar's statements shed light on India's diplomatic stance, asserting its independence in forming relationships and navigating international dynamics.


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