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Elon Musk nominated for Nobel Peace Prize by Norway MP

  • Norwegian MP Marius Nilsen nominates Elon Musk for Nobel Peace Prize
  • Nilsen lauds Musk's companies for making the world "more connected and safer," although official Nobel Prize nominees remain undisclosed
  • Parallelly, Norwegian MP Sofie Marhaug nominates Julian Assange, highlighting his role in exposing war crimes and advocating for peace through truth

21 Feb 2024

Norwegian libertarian MP Marius Nilsen has nominated Elon Musk, the visionary entrepreneur behind Tesla and SpaceX, for the Nobel Peace Prize, citing Musk's commitment to fostering dialogue, free speech, and connectivity in an increasingly polarized world. Nilsen commended Musk's companies for their role in making the world "more connected and safer," highlighting their contributions to technological advancement and global connectivity.

While the official list of Nobel Peace Prize nominees remains undisclosed, Nilsen's nomination of Musk underscores the recognition of his impact beyond the realms of business and technology. In a parallel development, Norwegian MP Sofie Marhaug has nominated Julian Assange, emphasizing his role in exposing Western war crimes and advocating for truth in conflict zones. This nomination adds to a diverse array of nominees, including previous nominee Donald Trump and underscores the significance of individuals who challenge conventional norms and advocate for transparency and peace.


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