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Congress MLA's shocking Irfan Ansari 's claim sparks political turmoil in Jharkhand

  • Congress MLA Irfan Ansari voices dissatisfaction with recent Jharkhand cabinet expansion
  • Ansari highlights pressure from party workers and seeks redressal from party high command in Delhi
  • Crisis averted for Champai Soren government as assurances of forthcoming changes alleviate internal dissent within coalition

22 Feb 2024

Jharkhand's political landscape witnessed a stir as Congress MLA Irfan Ansari returned from Delhi, making startling revelations regarding the recent cabinet expansion in the state. Ansari cited pressure from party workers and dissatisfaction with the cabinet's composition, prompting him and other Jharkhand Congress leaders to seek redressal from the party's high command. According to Ansari, despite being in alliance with the Jharkhand Mukti Morcha (JMM), concerns were raised about the adequacy of the cabinet expansion, leading them to voice their grievances in Delhi.

In response to the discontent, Ansari conveyed that discussions with the party's high command yielded positive outcomes, with assurances of forthcoming changes in the Jharkhand Congress and cabinet structure. While affirming trust in the party's leadership, Ansari highlighted the significance of public interest and acknowledged the guidance received from senior party members. The crisis looming over the Champai Soren government appears to have been temporarily averted with the assurance of impending alterations, as the return of Jharkhand Congress MLAs signals a step towards resolving internal dissent within the coalition government.


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