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"How stupid, let men pay": Jaya Bachchan criticizes women paying on dates

  • Jaya Bachchan disagrees with women paying on dates, advocating for traditional gender roles
  • Navya Nanda highlights women's preference for financial independence, sparking debate
  • Agastya Nanda warns against toxic masculinity, stressing genuine kindness

23 Feb 2024

Veteran Bollywood actress Jaya Bachchan recently shared her perspective on shifting gender dynamics, particularly regarding women's roles in dating scenarios. She expressed disagreement with the notion of women paying on dates, emphasizing her belief that men should take the initiative and cover expenses in such situations.

Jaya Bachchan's remarks surfaced during a conversation with her grandchildren, Navya Nanda Naveli and Agastya Nanda, as they discussed modern dating practices alongside notions of chivalry and empowerment. Navya highlighted the trend of women embracing financial independence, including contributing to date expenses, prompting Jaya's interjection. The actress bluntly criticized women who expect to split bills, stating, "How stupid of those women. You should let the men pay."

Furthering the dialogue, Navya delved into instances where women reject traditional acts of chivalry, leading to a debate on gender roles. Jaya advocated for men to uphold such gestures, deeming the rejection of chivalry as foolish. Additionally, she expressed discomfort with the idea of women initiating dates, preferring men to take the lead. Agastya contributed to the discussion, cautioning against toxic masculinity, emphasizing the importance of genuine kindness over actions driven by a sense of entitlement.


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