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UP Police under scrutiny after Leopard dies in Sambhal neutralization bid

  • Leopard dies during neutralization attempt in Sambhal, Uttar Pradesh
  • DSP Anuj Chaudhary sustains injuries during the operation
  • Video surfaces online, showing police personnel standing on cots as part of the neutralization effort

23 Feb 2024

In a tragic turn of events, a leopard in Uttar Pradesh's Sambhal lost its life during an operation aimed at neutralizing it. DSP Anuj Chaudhary sustained injuries during the mission. The incident, captured in a video that has since gone viral, portrays individuals in khaki attire atop cots, with an unconscious leopard between them.

The distressing incident unfolded in Rasulpur Dhatra village of Sambhal, Uttar Pradesh, when a leopard intruded into a residential area, prompting residents to seek police intervention. During the rescue operation, the leopard retaliated by injuring DSP Anuj Chaudhary. Subsequently, authorities managed to ensnare the leopard in a net, but the situation took a tragic turn when officers attempted to neutralize the animal.

In the video circulating online, police personnel are seen standing atop cots placed on either side of the incapacitated leopard. Under the weight of the officers, the cot overturned, resulting in fatal injuries to the trapped leopard. The incident has sparked outrage and raised questions about the handling of wildlife encounters by law enforcement agencies.


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