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EC to announce Lok Sabha poll dates after March 13

  • The Election Commission is set to announce the dates for the Lok Sabha polls after March 13
  • EC has been visiting multiple states to access the preparednes for general elections, post visits dates will be announces 
  • EC is also set to introduce AI in this election to flag  and remove misinformation from social media and digital platforms 

23 Feb 2024

The Election Commission is gearing up to announce the dates for the upcoming Lok Sabha polls, with an expected announcement post-March 13. Sources within the commission revealed that the body has been on a visitation spree across various states to assess the readiness for the general elections.

Currently, officials from the central poll body are conducting assessments in Tamil Nadu, to be followed by visits to Uttar Pradesh and Jammu and Kashmir. These state visits are scheduled to conclude by March 13, paving the way for the awaited announcement.

In a bid to ensure free and fair elections, the Election Commission has embraced technological advancements. A dedicated division for Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been established within the ECI. This division is poised to swiftly identify and eliminate false information circulating on social media and digital platforms.


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