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PM Modi condemns Rahul Gandhi's 'Nashedi Yuva' remark, calls it an insult to UP's youth

  • PM Modi condemns Rahul Gandhi for 'nashedi yuva' remark, calling it an insult to UP's youth
  • Modi accuses Congress of negativity and frustration, emphasizing the positive developments in Uttar Pradesh
  • Predicts a strong third term, highlighting India's economic growth prospects

23 Feb 2024

Prime Minister Narendra Modi expressed shock at Rahul Gandhi's recent 'nashedi yuva' (addicted youth) remark, criticizing the Congress leader for using derogatory language to describe the youth of Uttar Pradesh. Without directly naming Rahul Gandhi, PM Modi condemned the comment during his address, stating, "Jinke aapne hosh thhikane nahi hai, wo UP ke, mere Kashi ke bachcho ko nashedi keh rahe hai (those who are not in their senses are calling UP's youth addicts)." The Prime Minister strongly denounced the statement, emphasizing that such insults to the youth would not be forgotten by the people.

During his speech, PM Modi highlighted the positive developments in Uttar Pradesh and criticized Rahul Gandhi for his negative portrayal of the state's youth. Modi attributed the comment to frustration, mentioning that those who spent a decade criticizing him are now directing their frustration towards the people. He accused the Congress scion of disliking the progress in Uttar Pradesh, particularly after the inauguration of the Ram Mandir. PM Modi also criticized the broader INDIA alliance, stating that they come together before elections but engage in mutual criticism afterward. He confidently predicted a strong third term, asserting that India would become the third-largest economy in the next five years.


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