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Hardik Pandya's tantrums revealed in leaked clip - 'Yeh Khaake Stamina Bigad Jaega'

  • Leaked clip reveals Hardik Pandya's displeasure over food during an IPL ad shoot in Mumbai
  • Pandya, focused on his IPL comeback, expresses frustration at being served traditional Gujarati delicacies on the set
  • Doubts persist about Pandya's availability for the early stages of IPL 2024, but he remains dedicated to regaining full fitness

23 Feb 2024

Indian cricketer Hardik Pandya, in the midst of preparing for his comeback in IPL 2024 as the Mumbai Indians' captain, faced criticism after a leaked clip showed him expressing displeasure over the food served during an IPL ad shoot in Mumbai. The 32-year-old, who has been diligently working on his fitness following an ankle injury in the ICC ODI World Cup 2023, lost his cool on the sets when served traditional Gujarati delicacies like dhokla, jalebi, and fafda.

The leaked clip captures Pandya's frustration, suggesting that the incident might be part of a promotional video for IPL 2024. Despite his dedication to returning to the cricket field, Pandya's outburst on the ad set has stirred discussions about the challenges athletes face in maintaining a strict diet during their training and playing seasons.

Hardik Pandya, who has been absent from crucial white and red-ball series against Australia, South Africa, and England due to injuries, is determined to make a strong comeback. While doubts linger about his availability for the initial stages of IPL 2024, Pandya's commitment to regaining full fitness is evident.

The leaked clip, where Pandya expresses his dissatisfaction with the food provided, highlights the pressure on professional athletes to adhere to strict dietary regimes. As Pandya takes on the role of Mumbai Indians' captain, the incident adds an extra layer of scrutiny, especially considering the backlash from fans over his appointment as captain, replacing the highly successful Rohit Sharma.


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