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Ravi Shastri's banter with yawning ball boy goes viral during India vs. England test in Ranchi

  • On-field cameraman captures ball boy yawning and scratching his groin during India vs. England Test in Ranchi
  • Ravi Shastri's banter with the ball boy goes viral on social media, adding humor to the cricket event
  • England holds the advantage on Day 1, with Joe Root scoring a century to lead the team's recovery

23 Feb 2024

During Day 1 of the fourth Test between India and England in Ranchi, a light-hearted incident took center stage when the on-field cameraman captured a ball boy yawning and scratching his groin, unaware of being on the giant screen at the stadium. The focus shifted from the match to the ball boy in the 72nd over, prompting laughter from both spectators and commentators.

Ravi Shastri, who was on air at the time, couldn't resist poking fun at the yawning ball boy, making a humorous comment that has since gone viral on social media. Shastri's light-hearted banter added a comedic element to the cricket event, offering a moment of amusement for fans.

As the camera zoomed in on the ball boy during the 72nd over of the Ranchi Test, capturing his unintentional display of yawning and scratching his groin, Ravi Shastri seized the opportunity to inject humor into the broadcast. In a video that has gained widespread attention on social media, Shastri playfully advised the ball boy, saying, "Wake up, old boy... Have a glass of water; the cricket is getting interesting."

The incident provided a light-hearted break from the intense on-field action and added an element of amusement to the ongoing Test match. Meanwhile, on the cricket front, England held the advantage on Day 1, with Joe Root scoring his 31st Test hundred, guiding the team to a recovery after a challenging first session dominated by India.


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