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Hyderabad woman arrested for abducting TV anchor in Bizarre marriage attempt

  • Hyderabad woman arrested for stalking and abducting TV anchor Pranav Sistla
  • Trishna's fixation on the anchor led to an elaborate abduction plan involving hired individuals
  • Sistla's complaint resulted in the arrest of Trishna and ongoing police investigations

24 Feb 2024

Bhogireddy Trishna, a 31-year-old digital marketing business operator, was arrested by Hyderabad police for reportedly stalking and abducting television music channel anchor Pranav Sistla. Trishna's infatuation with Sistla began two years ago when she stumbled upon his photos on a matrimony website. Despite initial rebuffs from the anchor, Trishna persisted in her advances, culminating in an elaborate plan to abduct him.

Trishna, undeterred by rejection, hired four individuals to carry out the abduction and even installed a tracking device on Sistla's car to monitor his movements. On February 11, the hired men abducted Sistla, subjecting him to physical assault at Trishna's office. Eventually, Sistla agreed to respond to Trishna's calls, leading to his release. Following the ordeal, Sistla filed a complaint with Uppal police station, resulting in the arrest of Trishna and her accomplices. Investigations are ongoing to ascertain further details.



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