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Assam gov abolishes Muslim marriage law to combat child marriage

  • Assam government abolishes Muslim marriage and divorce registration Act to combat child marriage
  • Transition of marriage registrations to District Commissioners and Registrars under the Special Marriage Act planned
  • Consideration for a new law against child marriage with increased penalties

24 Feb 2024

The Assam government, under the leadership of Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma, has taken a bold step towards tackling child marriage by abolishing the outdated Muslim Marriage and Divorce Registration Act, 1935. The decision, made during a late-night cabinet meeting on Friday, reflects the government's commitment to ensuring formal marriage registrations and monitoring to prevent underage unions. Chief Minister Sarma highlighted the need to stop child marriage in Assam and emphasized the importance of repealing laws that allowed marriages without adherence to legal age requirements.

Following the abolition of the Muslim Marriage and Divorce Registration Act, the Assam government plans to transition marriage registrations to the purview of District Commissioners and District Registrars under the Special Marriage Act, thereby formalizing the process and eliminating loopholes that facilitated child marriages. Additionally, the government intends to compensate Muslim marriage registrars affected by this change. The decision underscores broader efforts towards the implementation of a Uniform Civil Code in the state, with plans for introducing stricter laws against child marriage, including increased penalties, shortly.


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