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Tractor-trolley filled with devotees overturns in pond in Kasganj,UP

  • Tractor-trolley filled with devotees overturns in pond in Kasganj
  • Over 15 fatalities reported, with more than 30 individuals injured
  • Accident occurred during pilgrimage for Magh Purnima; rescue operations underway

24 Feb 2024

A tragic incident has shaken Kasganj district in Uttar Pradesh as a speeding tractor-trolley, packed with devotees en route to a ritual bath in the Ganga for Magh Purnima, lost control and overturned into a roadside pond. The accident has resulted in the loss of more than 15 lives, with over 30 individuals sustaining injuries. The mishap, which occurred around 10 am on the Patiali-Dariavganj road, has prompted a swift response from authorities who are engaged in rescue operations and investigating the cause of the accident.

Following the overturning of the tractor-trolley, chaos ensued at the accident site as villagers rushed to locate their loved ones amidst the tragedy. The incident has cast a pall of mourning over the entire district, with women and children among the casualties. The community is grappling with the aftermath of the devastating event, with rescue teams working diligently to assist.


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