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CPI(M) Yuva Morcha leader Meenakshi reached Sandeshkhali, stopped by police

  • Political leaders converge in Sandeshkhali amidst ongoing unrest and social tensions
  • CPI(M) Yuva Morcha leader faces police obstruction; state ministers revisit area to address grievances
  • Escalating tensions prompt heavy police presence; allegations of land encroachment and arrests add to the volatile atmosphere

24 Feb 2024

Sandeshkhali remains a focal point of political activity and social unrest as leaders from various parties navigate the volatile situation. Today, CPI(M) Yuva Morcha leader Meenakshi faced police obstruction upon her arrival in Sandeshkhali following the recent visit by BJP representatives. State ministers Partha Bhowmik and Sujit Bose revisited the area to address villagers' grievances, highlighting the ongoing tensions and the need for official intervention.

The situation took a volatile turn as villagers allegedly pursued Trinamool leader Binay Sardar's family, leading to the arrest of two individuals. Meanwhile, allegations of land encroachment add fuel to the already charged atmosphere, with complaints lodged against individuals like Siraj Doctor. Amidst these developments, authorities strive to maintain order, with ADG South Bengal overseeing operations and assurances from Minister Parth Bhowmik that grievances will be addressed, emphasizing the government's responsibility to address land disputes and restore peace.


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