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"Shahjahan won't be arrested as he has sent money to Kalighat": Shubhendu Adhikari as he leaves for Delhi

  • Shubhendu Adhikari's visit to Delhi centers around a crucial meeting with the central leadership of BJP addressing the Sandeshkhali issue
  • Adhikari today left from Calcutta airport for Delhi and addressed the media
  • He said that "Shahjahan will not be arrested as he has voted for Kalighat (refering to Mamata Banerjee's residence) and sent money there"

24 Feb 2024

Amidst the charged political atmosphere in West Bengal, Shubhendu Adhikari embarked on a trip to Delhi to engage with the central leadership of the Bharatiya Janata Party. His visit revolves around addressing the Sandeshkhali issue, a critical concern that has been surfacing in the state's political discourse.

As he departed from the airport, Adhikari made a statement attributing Shahjahan's non-arrest to his allegiance to Mamata Banerjee. The opposition leader implied that Shahjahan's voting choice in favor of Mamata Banerjee in Kalighat, along with monetary transactions, played a role in preventing his arrest.

Adhikari, shedding light on the DG's visit, stated that his purpose was damage control. He emphasized that Shahjahan's case is currently under the scrutiny of the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) and Enforcement Directorate (ED).


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