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UP murder: Bodies of man & woman found soaked in blood, near temple In Mitauli village

  • Bodies of a man and woman found soaked in blood near a temple in Mitauli village, Uttar Pradesh
  • Woman's face was beyond recognition, and the man had severe head injuries
  • Police suspect murder-suicide, but families accuse each other; investigations ongoing

27 Feb 2024

In a grim discovery, the bodies of a man and a woman were found near a temple in Mitauli village, Uttar Pradesh's Lakhimpur Kheri district. The incident occurred on Monday afternoon, with both bodies drenched in blood. Officials stated that the woman's face was brutally disfigured, rendering her unrecognizable, while the man sustained severe head injuries. A pistol was recovered near the bodies, with two cartridges found in the man's pocket.

The police are investigating the case, initially suspecting it to be a murder-suicide scenario. However, questions arise regarding how the man could have inflicted fatal head injuries upon himself. Families of the deceased have exchanged accusations, each blaming the other for the tragic incident. The deceased man, identified as 23-year-old Ravindra, was found with an Aadhaar card in his possession.

Additionally, the woman, identified as 21-year-old Uma Bharti, had her bicycle discovered near the crime scene. Superintendent of Police Ganesh Prasad Saha has indicated that while suicide seems plausible, other angles are under scrutiny pending the awaited post-mortem report, with forensic teams summoned to collect evidence. 


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