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Two killed in violent clashes over love marriage in Muzaffarnagar's Fulat village, UP

  • Two killed and several injured in clashes over a love marriage in Fulat village, Muzaffarnagar
  • Conflict arose between groups of the same caste due to Ankit's marriage against family wishes
  • Police deployed in the village; case registered against three individuals involved in the violence

28 Feb 2024

A disturbing incident unfolded in Fulat village of Muzaffarnagar, Uttar Pradesh, where two individuals lost their lives and several others sustained injuries in clashes stemming from a dispute over a love marriage. The conflict erupted between two groups belonging to the same caste, with Ankit's marriage to Harimohan's daughter against her family's wishes serving as the catalyst for the violence. Ankit and Rohit were identified as the deceased, while Harimohan and Rahul were hospitalized with severe injuries following a confrontation that escalated into the use of firearms.

Senior Superintendent of Police Abhishek Singh confirmed that a case had been registered against three individuals, including Raju, Monu, and Govardhan, in connection with the incident. Police personnel have been deployed in the village to maintain order as a precautionary measure. Unfortunately, this incident in Fulat village is not an isolated one, as similar instances of violence over love marriages have been reported across India, indicating deeper societal issues surrounding relationships and family dynamics.


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