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RBI's annual Balance sheet, now 2.5 times bigger than Pakistan's GDP

  • RBI's balance sheet expands to Rs 70.48 lakh crore, 2.5 times Pakistan's GDP
  • Central bank reports 11% surge in balance sheet size, reaching 24.1% of India's GDP
  • Optimistic outlook projected for Indian economy with 7% real GDP growth forecasted for FY25

30 May 2024
RBI's annual Balance sheet, now 2.5 times bigger than Pakistan's GDP

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) unveiled its annual financial report, revealing a significant surge in its balance sheet size to Rs 70.48 lakh crore (approximately $844.76 billion). This marks an 11% increase from the previous fiscal year, highlighting the central bank's robust financial standing.

Moreover, the RBI's balance sheet now stands at 24.1% of India's GDP, up from 23.5% in the previous year, indicating its substantial presence in the country's economic landscape.Despite the positive financial indicators, the RBI remains vigilant about certain challenges, particularly concerning food inflation due to recurrent supply shocks.

However, the central bank expressed optimism about the Indian economy, projecting a real GDP growth of around 7% for FY25. It emphasized the government's focus on capital expenditure (capex) alongside fiscal consolidation, foreseeing a conducive environment for investment and consumption demand. Additionally, the report suggested that as headline inflation aligns with targets, consumption demand, especially in rural areas, is expected to receive a boost.

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