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Mechanical cleaning to start on Maa flyover to prevent accidents

  • KMDA goes for machine cleaning of Maa Flyover to prevent accidents
  • A german technology-based advanced road-cleaning machine will be used
  • As planned, the cleaning will be done for 2 hours every morning from 5am to 7am 

15 Feb 2023

Kolkata Metropolitan Development Authority (KMDA) has announced a new initiative to prevent accidents and ensure the safety of commuters on the Maa Flyover. The KMDA is set to introduce mechanical cleaning for the first time on the entire stretch of the flyover. A German technology-based advanced road-cleaning machine will be used to keep the flyover clean.


According to officials, the cleaning will be done for 2 hours every morning from 5am to 7am, using the advanced road-cleaning machine. The initiative aims to prevent accidents that often occur during manual cleaning of the flyover. Additionally, the cleaning will also help prevent choking of the flyover's drainage outlets with dust particles.


The Maa Flyover is one of the busiest and most crucial stretches of road in Kolkata, and it is essential to keep it clean and safe for commuters. The use of the advanced road-cleaning machine will ensure that the flyover is free of debris, which will reduce the risk of accidents. 

The KMDA's decision to introduce mechanical cleaning is an excellent step toward improving road safety in Kolkata. The initiative will not only reduce the risk of accidents but will also ensure that the flyover remains in good condition for an extended period. The KMDA has urged all commuters to cooperate during the cleaning hours to make the initiative a success.


The introduction of mechanical cleaning on the Maa Flyover is a positive step towards ensuring the safety of commuters and the longevity of the flyover. The KMDA's decision to use advanced technology will help to maintain the cleanliness of the flyover and reduce the risk of accidents, making it a safer stretch of road for all. 


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